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Eneco Holding NV (‘Eneco Group') is the only integrated energy group in the Netherlands that has the specific ambition to produce, transport and supply energy in a sustainable manner for and in collaboration with its customers. The brands of Eneco Group referred to in this annual report are described below in brief.


AgroEnergy is the energy specialist for the agricultural sector in the Netherlands and market leader in the greenhouse horticultural sector. More and more horticultural companies wish to increase the sustainability of their operations in view of the growing demand for sustainably grown produce. AgroEnergy uses its specialised knowledge with respect to energy in the agricultural and horticultural sectors to help greenhouse horticultural businesses to achieve good results in energy trading in order to be able to reduce their costs. AgroEnergy is a frontrunner in the development of innovative products and services, such as BiedtOptimaal, the automatic pilot for the APX, and in areas such as geothermal energy, green gas and feeding energy produced by households and businesses into the grid. AgroEnergy has around 60 employees.


CityTec specialises in optimisation of the public space in areas such as public lighting, traffic control installations, parking installations and charging stations for electric vehicles. CityTec’s 320 employees are responsible for the management and maintenance of 600,000 streetlights, 30,000 traffic lights and 2,000 parking installation in the Netherlands. Clients include municipalities, Rijkswaterstaat, provinces, water boards, port facilities, housing associations and private organisations that have their own infrastructure, such as car parks and hospitals.


Ecofys is a leading consultancy in renewable energy, energy and carbon efficiency, energy systems and markets, and energy and climate policy. For Ecofys, knowledge and innovation are the key factors in turning the ideas of today into viable realities of tomorrow. Ecofys supports public and corporate organisations alike to adapt to changes and identify new opportunities quickly. Together with its clients, Ecofys makes sure that relevant steps are taken and business projects are realised in a practical and sustainable manner.


In addition to producing, purchasing, trading and supplying energy, energy company Eneco provides services and advice to its customers. The company supplies more and more sustainable energy and collaborates with customers, businesses, government bodies, shareholders and investors to increase the sustainability of the energy supply. Eneco's practical and tailor-made solutions help customers to save energy, generate and sell their own energy and purchase (sustainable) energy. Eneco is expanding its sustainable energy production capacity to be able to supply sustainable energy to more and more of its customers. To this end, the company invests in onshore and offshore wind energy, energy from biomass, solar energy and hydro-energy projects in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium, both independently and together with partners. When insufficient sustainable energy is available due to lack of sunlight or low wind forces, Eneco supplies energy that is, preferably, generated from gas - the cleanest fossil fuel. This gas is obtained from various suppliers and part of it is stored in our gas storage facilities. Eneco also participates on the wholesale market with the aim to balance the energy demand of its customers with supply. Eneco is not active in the field of proprietary trading, which means it does not hold trading positions with the sole aim of generating positive financial results. Eneco has 3,000 employees.

Eneco Belgium

In Belgium, Eneco supplies energy on the consumer market since 2011 and to the business market since 2008. Operations in Belgium also include the construction and management of wind farms. The around 200 employees of Eneco Belgium all strive to increase sustainability.

Eneco United Kingdom

Eneco’s sustainable energy portfolio in the United Kingdom has grown steadily since the start of our operations in this country in 2008. The construction of solar parks and onshore and offshore wind farms is managed from our offices in Warwick and Inverness. Eneco supplies the generated energy to the grid and directly to business customers. With the product Highlands Wind, Eneco also entered the consumer market in the United Kingdom in 2015.


Jedlix aims to fuel all electric cars with sustainable energy. To this end, the company has developed an app that enables owners of electric cars to charge their car using green energy at times when the market prices are most favourable. During the night, for example, when the production of sustainable wind energy exceeds the demand. This is the interest of both customers and the electricity grid. By optimising the supply of and demand for sustainable energy, the app provides customers the benefit of lower energy costs. Use of the app also reduces the demand on the energy grid, which means there are no additional costs for grid operators and energy producers. Jedlix is a subsidiary of Eneco.

Joulz Energy Solutions

Joulz is a specialist in the field of complex middle and high voltage. As an independent unit within Eneco Group, Joulz helps grid operators, energy producers and commercial clients to deal with the challenges in connection with the energy transition, with reliability, continuity and affordability of energy supply being the common denominators. Joulz is one of the few companies in the Netherlands that is able to take all aspects of an energy infrastructure into consideration, assess the risks and make improvements to the network as a whole with the aim to ensure the availability of energy. Joulz has more than 550 employees.


Luminext is an innovator and market leader in the management of and the supply of management systems for intelligent outdoor lighting. Luminext has been providing energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions to governments and businesses for more than a decade.


Oxxio is an independent brand within Eneco. Under the Oxxio brand, Eneco supplies gas and green electricity to the consumer market at a very attractive price. Oxxio develops innovative online solutions for these customers, aimed at making energy affordable, simple and accessible. The unique Oxxio app plays a central role in the company's communication with customer and in the services provided. Based on the number of customers, Oxxio is the fourth largest energy supplier in the Netherlands.


The relatively high unpredictability of sustainable energy sources such as sunshine and wind can result in surpluses and shortages on the electricity grid. Start-up company Peeeks has developed a system that contributes to the solution for this problem by switching devices on the user side on or off fully automatically and intelligently, based on the fact that many processes can be started at a slightly earlier or later time without any negative effects. Through better coordination between these processes and real time electricity prices, Peeeks is able to increase the efficiency of devices. Companies that use this system to coordinate the use of their pumps and cooling and heating installations can save up to 40% on their energy bill.


Quby has been involved in redefining 'smart home' technology since 2004. The company made a commercial breakthrough in 2012, when Eneco started to sell their intelligent thermostat under the brand name Toon. At present, Toon thermostats are installed in 225,000 households. Quby has around 100 employees.


Stedin is the independent grid operator in the most urbanised region of Netherlands: the largest portion of the province of Zuid-Holland, including the largest port in Europe, and the province of Utrecht. Stedin facilitates sustainable energy through development, construction, control, maintenance and management of energy networks and (smart) energy meters and thus forms the link between more than two million customers and their energy suppliers. Stedin also makes adjustments to electricity and gas connections for customers who move house, switch suppliers or end their energy contract as well as adjustments in connection with the renovation or demolition of buildings. Furthermore, Stedin invests in new forms of energy infrastructure such as steam and CO2. All 2,800 employees of the company are committed to the safety, quality and reliability of energy transmission.

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